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Allow Leverage to Take on Your Liability!

Payroll Processing

We work with you to seamlessly integrate new employees into our digital payroll processing system, while taking all of the liability away from employers eliviating the need for employers to have Workman Comp insurance, FICA, and Unemployment Insurance.

  • You Hire, We Pay
  • We Take All Liability
  • We pay your employees increasing your bottom line

Benefits Administration

We do the heavy lifting of identifying what benefits your business should offer, sourcing the best carriers and plans for your needs, and streamlining the administration process

  • We provide 401K
  • Provide health care benefits
  • What makes you the best?

Workers' Compensation

If one of your employees unfortunately becomes injured, our team will handle the claims processing and management process end-to-end, including a return-to-work program.

  • We take your employess on our Insurance
  • Cover all claims
  • Take care of all paperwork

Leverage's mission is to provide valuable outsourcing solutions through a client-focused partnership. This partnership is the foundation of our service and is based on our values of integrity, excellence, growth and stewardship.

New Hire Program

Our Priorities

We have a team of professionals that work with you side by side, every step of the way. Our New Hire Program is shaking up the industry. Companies spend thousands of dollars on hiring new employees only to see a churn rate increase. We take that liability away, we will keep those new hires on our payroll for you until you decide you want to keep that employee long term, or we can keep them on our payroll forever. Employers are responsible for spending money for unemployment insurance, workers comp, and FICA, however, we can help take those away. Let us help! Email us today to find out how we can get you a quote.

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